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Fit Friend


Boutique fitness class has been a trend among millennials.  For the current market of the boutique fitness studio, the number of U.S. consumers attending fitness studios increased 15% on a base of 15.9 million in 2016. Instead of going to a gym that cost $30 a month, millennials would prefer cool studios where classes for cycling, boot camp or yoga can run $30 a session. 
I personally love going to fitness studio and thus having the ideal of this scheduling tool

Type: Individual project,
1 week

Skills: Market research, User Research, Wireframing, Interface Design

Role: UX designer


User Research

I’m interested in learning what other studio fitness goers’ experiences of looking for studios and also scheduling. I talked to 10 people who go to the fitness studio regularly. I asked their experiences about finding the studio and the class schedule. I want to know what are the key factors that directly affect their experience. Below are my takeaways:

1. Yelp and the studio websites are the primary sources of getting information. However, the class schedules are on different individual studio websites, which makes planning workout a tedious work. 

2. Other than location, users also care about finding their preferred types of class, vibe of the class/studio, and if the class can match their usual workout time.

3. The information of each class is not always precise - either teaching style or class intensity. It would be helpful if there are reviews for each class or instructor. 



FitFriend is an iOS app providing user suggestion based on location, workout habit, and fitness goal. Making taking fitness class a fun and straightforward experience.


Site Map

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Key features

Besides location preference, other factors like types of class, usual workout time and fitness goal are directly related to users' experience. I think having a few questions ahead in the flow can make the whole planning experience more efficient. These four questions are most of my interviewees care about.

One other feedback through user interview is lack of information about the instructor, vibe of class & studio, and other students' reviews. I think it will be helpful to include these information in the class page. Also, when reading the reviews users can find others who have similar preferences. 


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